Our Hong Kong Notaries Public, Apostille & Legalization Services Mobile/Whatsapp 68889999

BOTH Thomas Tse and Charles Tse (picture) image from irp-cdn.multiscreensite.comare Hong Kong notaries public. They are partners of Yip, Tse & Tang, a Hong Kong law firm. Both are appointed by the Chief Judge of the High Court as Notary Public, being qualified to notarize international documents used in foreign countries. Enquiry tel/WhatsApp: 68889999. Our fee on the most simple type of attesting e.g. witnessing your signature, will be as low as HK$900 (all inclusive). Many works can be done by same-day appointment. Examples of notarial works:

  • Attesting execution of documents
  • Providing certificates certifying the originality of copy documents
  • Authenticationg signatures and execution of documents
  • Taking declarations, Affidavits, Oaths and Acknowledgments
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing / attesting events and transactions
  • Agent to apostille and legalize your documents

internationalnotarypublic.com (English)
HongKongNotaryPublic.com (Chinese) 

If you have a Hong Kong document requiring to be notarized for use in Mainland China, you need a China Appointed Attesting Officer. Visit www. chinaattesting.com

Legal Service on Wills Making and Succession Planning

FP.HK is a legal website on trusts and wealth planning.

The legal service aims at serving the high net worth customers requiring professional and experienced advice on financial planning, estate planning and wealth management. 

Making a will is the cheapest and simplest legal way of estate planning. The firm charges $1000 to $3000 on preparing wills. Charges differ on complexity of the will's content.

Basic content of a will:

  • testator
  • executor
  • beneficiaries
  • specific gift or legacies (if any)
  • shares of beneficiaries to the estate
  • liability of funeral and testamentary expenses
  • entitlement to residuary estate
  • 2 adult witnesses (not a beneficiary)


Yip, Tse & Tang becomes a leading law firm on bankruptcy legal service.

We offer the following legal services on personal insolvency:

  • debtors' self-petition for bankruptcy
  • debtors' individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
  • private negotiation with banks and finance companies for debts (credit cards and personal loans) restrucuturing - debt relief plan (DRP)
  • application for early and automatic discharge of bankruptcy.

Track records on personal insolvency law services:

  • more than 10,000 self-bankruptcies filed
  • more than 1000 IVA applied
  • more than 1500 DRP applied and completed.

Since its inception in August 2001, Yip, Tse & Tang has represented over 9,000 debtors in bankruptcy petitions. Bankruptcy applications will be heard in 3 to 4 months time. "Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the effects of bankruptcy order on bankrupts. A special web-site Broke.com.hk has been set up dedicated purely to bankruptcy subjects," said Thomas Tse, the creator of theBroke.com and partner of Yip, Tse & Tang heading the personal insolvency practice of the firm. TheBroke.com has been featured by over 10 local and international newspapers or magazines, including Reuters, BBC and Le Monde. Solicitors of the bankruptcy team were interviewed by TVB, ATV, Cable TV, RTHK, Commercial Radio and MetroRadio Broadcast on debt or bankruptcy subjects on many occasions.

The financial storm in 1997 has resulted in the decline of the Hong Kong economy. Many people have become the victims of that. The HKSAR Government has failed to offer any help to them. Many are indebted to lenders millions of dollars. In view of the bad employment situation and the deteriorating economy, self-bankruptcy is perhaps the only viable option for them. Yip, Tse & Tang charges $4500 as their professional charges. Visit Broke.com.hk to know more details.

Broke.com.hk and Solicitor.com.hk (both owned by Yip, Tse & Tang) have 20% of the total visiting traffic of Hong Kong legal web sites.

According to a recent 'Hitwise Rankings' Report (Hitwise.com ), theBroke.com (10.5%) and Solicitor.com.hk (9.5%) have altogether taken up 20% of the visiting traffic of Hong Kong legal web sites. theBroke.com is ranked 3rd and Solicitor.com.hk is ranked 5th in the ranking. The ranking is based on user visits, time spent on site (site 'stickiness'), category share of traffic and pages. Justice.gov.hk , a web site where the complete set of Laws of Hong Kong is hosted, has 47.5% of the total traffic (ranked no.1) and hklawsoc.org.hk , the official site of the Law Society has 10.5% of the total traffic (ranked no.2). According to East Magazine, Yip, Tse & Tang is heading other law firms in term of number of bankruptcy applications in the first 3.5 months in 2002. Every day, the firm has colleague filing bankruptcy applications with the Court and serving of the same on the Official Receiver's Office.

Other Legal Services: Medical Negligence, Personal Injuries, Civil Celebrant of Marriages, Conveyancing

Yip, Tse & Tang also specialises on the following areas of legal practices:

  • Civil celebrant of Marriages: wedding solemnization at offices or hotel ballroom. Visit website www.hkm.mobi on law office simple wedding service ($1900 all inclusive). For oversea clients registering their marriages from overseas: www.hongkongmarriageregistration.com
  • Real estate transactions or conveyancing. Call our Mr. Choi at 95099999 for a no commitment enquiry.
  • Matrimonial proceedings: divorce, custody, maintenance and property adjustment
  • Computer crimes and Internet crimes
  • Medical negligence
  • Personal injuries claims: employees' compensation and traffic accident claims
  • Criminal defence: Magistrates' Court to Court of Final Appeal
  • Civil litigation or commerical litigation: www.hongkonglitigation.com