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"We file 300 divorce applications for clients every month, representing the largest number of petitioners in the Family Court."            Tommy Lo, Solicitor of Yip Tse & Tang

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Making a will for a person's money, property and possessions after death

A will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. Hong Kong has already abolished inheritance tax. If you make a will so you need not worry about paying inheritance tax no matter what scale of your wealth.

A will needs to meet the legal requirements. A  will is usually not straightforward and therefore you need advice from a lawyer experienced in will drafting and succession laws. You need to get your will formally witnessed and signed to make it legally valid. Your lawyer may be pleased to witness your will to ensure its impartiality and trustworthiness.

If you want to update your will, you need to make an official alteration (called a ‘codicil’) or make a new will. If you die without a will, the law decides who gets what. It is called the Intestates Estates Ordinance.

"Legal fees on drafting and witnessing a will: $1000-$1500 (simple clauses with one executor and one beneficiary, passing the entire asset profile without specifically described)"

Ways to revoke a Will and How to keep a Will safe?

When a Testator' makes a valid Will, it can only be revoked in three ways: by the Testator making another Will or codicil; by them signing a revocation provision (a Will drafted by a lawyer will always include this provision) or by destruction. The Testator must have the intention to revoke the will. The testator is the only person allowed to validly destroy their own Will. A Will can either be destroyed directly by the Testator. The testator may also direct a third party in his presence. However, where a Testator destroys his Will and does not tell anybody why they have destroyed it, it can lead to confusion and disagreements after he has died.

In the event a Will cannot be located upon a person's death, there is a presumption that the Will was intentionally destroyed by the Testator and therefore revoked. This may not always be the case as sometimes Wills are simply lost or accidentally destroyed. However, once the Testator dies, it is often very difficult to rebut this presumption, and can lead to the Estate passing under intestacy or under a previous Will.

Nevertheless, the courts have recognised this and as such there are a few ways in which this presumption of revocation is rebutted. For example, the presumption could be rebutted by evidence of accidental loss or of conversations between friends/relations and the deceased. Wills are also revoked by marriage , but a Will is not revoked by divorce.

The recent case of Singh v Vozniak (2016) in England is a prime example of why it is important to inform people of your wishes and the location of your Will. .

It is very important to keep a will safe and therefore you must keep a will in a safe place and tell the executor where it is kept. A will is normally kept in a safe deposit box. It is important to have a valid Will which accurately reflects your wishes.

Legal fees on drafting and witnessing a will: $1000-$1500 (simple clauses with one executor and one beneficiary, passing the entire asset profile without specifically described)

"We make more than 200 wills for clients every month, leading on preparing and writing wills."            Tommy Lo, Solicitor of Yip Tse & Tang

Legal Service and Fees on Wills Making and Succession Planning

ytt.estate is a legal website on wills drafting, trusts and wealth planning.

The legal service aims at serving the high net worth customers requiring professional and experienced advice on financial planning, estate planning and wealth management. 

Making a will is the cheapest and simplest legal way of estate planning. The firm charges $1000 to $3000 as the Normal Fee Range on preparing wills. Charges differ on complexity of the will's content.

"We encourage Simple Wills so as to avoid potential probate pitfalls."

Basic content of a will:

  • testator
  • executor
  • beneficiaries
  • specific gift or legacies (if any)
  • shares of beneficiaries to the estate
  • liability of funeral and testamentary expenses
  • entitlement to residuary estate
  • 2 adult witnesses (not a beneficiary)

Our Hong Kong Notaries Public, Apostille & Legalization Services Mobile/Whatsapp 68889999

BOTH Thomas Tse and Charles Tse (picture) image from irp-cdn.multiscreensite.comare Hong Kong notaries public. They are partners of Yip, Tse & Tang, a Hong Kong law firm. Both are appointed by the Chief Judge of the High Court as Notary Public, being qualified to notarize international documents used in foreign countries. Enquiry and fee quote tel/WhatsApp : 68889999.

"Our notary fee on the most simple type of attesting e.g. witnessing your signature, will be as low as HK$900. Many works can be done by same-day appointment."

Examples of our daily notarial works: 

  • Certifying BNO passport for bank account opening and immigration purpose
  • Certifying or notarising Address proof for KYC, bank accounting opening and immigration purpose
  • Certifying Academic diplomas and university transcripts
  • Attesting execution of documents
  • Providing certificates certifying the originality of copy documents
  • Authenticationg signatures and execution of documents
  • Taking declarations, Affidavits, Oaths and Acknowledgments
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing / attesting events and transactions
  • Agent to apostille and legalize your documents

ytt.world (English)
HongKongNotaryPublic.com (Chinese) 

"We offer one-stop notarial services on: notary, apostille and legalisation"        Thomas Tse, Sr. Partner and Notary

If you have a Hong Kong document requiring to be notarized for use in Mainland China, you need a China Appointed Attesting Officer. Visit www. chinaattesting.com

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"We maintain more than 15 offices and have the widest service network leading in Hong Kong. We serve our English-speaking clients at Central and Admiralty offices."  Thomas Tse, Senior partner

About Yip, Tse & Tang. Hong Kong lawyers since 1994

Yip, Tse & Tang was established in 1994.

"With over 26 years of history, the firm has developed a reputation as a mass market legal service provider in Hong Kong on a wide range of cases." Thomas Tse, Senior Partner

Yip, Tse & Tang is now comprised of over 30 experienced lawyers admitted to practise in Hong Kong. Our lawyers have substantial knowledge and practical experience on handling legal matters relating especially individuals.

Although we have a large client base, we focus on serving individual clients who are in need of asserting their rights against defending parties or claiming their rights against established commercial entities.

No. of offices: over 15
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