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BOTH Thomas Tse and Charles Tse (picture) image from irp-cdn.multiscreensite.comare Hong Kong notaries public. They are partners of Yip, Tse & Tang, a Hong Kong law firm. Both are appointed by the Chief Judge of the High Court as Notary Public, being qualified to notarize international documents used in foreign countries. Enquiry tel/WhatsApp: 68889999. Our fee on the most simple type of attesting e.g. witnessing your signature, will be as low as HK$900 (all inclusive). Many works can be done by same-day appointment. Examples of notarial works:

  • Attesting execution of documents
  • Providing certificates certifying the originality of copy documents
  • Authenticationg signatures and execution of documents
  • Taking declarations, Affidavits, Oaths and Acknowledgments
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing / attesting events and transactions
  • Agent to apostille and legalize your documents

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If you have a Hong Kong document requiring to be notarized for use in Mainland China, you need a China Appointed Attesting Officer. Visit www.