About Yip, Tse & Tang. Hong Kong lawyers since 1994

Yip, Tse & Tang was established in 1994.

"With over 26 years of history, the firm has developed a reputation as a mass market legal service provider in Hong Kong on a wide range of cases." Thomas Tse, Senior Partner

Yip, Tse & Tang is now comprised of over 30 experienced lawyers admitted to practise in Hong Kong. Our lawyers have substantial knowledge and practical experience on handling legal matters relating especially individuals.

Although we have a large client base, we focus on serving individual clients who are in need of asserting their rights against defending parties or claiming their rights against established commercial entities.

No. of offices: over 15
No. of solicitors: over 30
No. of notaries: yes
No. of China-Appointed Attesting Officers: yes
No. of Civil Celebrant of Marriages: over 20
No. of staff: about over 150