Debtor's Bankruptcy $14500 all inclusive

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Yip, Tse & Tang is experienced in bankruptcy actions. The law firm has represented over 9000 debtors in bankruptcy petitions since 2001. Bankruptcy applications will be heard in 2 months' time since lodging the petition. The lawyers are knowledgeable on the consequences of bankrupty order on bankrupts. A special web-site has been set up dedicated purely to bankruptcy subjects.

The financial storm in 1997 has resulted in the decline of the Hong Kong economy. Many people have become its victims. The HKSAR Government has failed to offer any help to them. Many are indebted to lenders millions of dollars. In view of the bad employment situation and the deteriorating economy, self-bankrupty is perhaps the only viable option to them.

Those who want self-bankruptcy are of course in poor financial condition. That is why our fee will be as low as possible. Client pays us a flat fee of HK$4,500 as our professional charges. We would not charge you unless you agree to instruct us to deal with your bankruptcy. All would be kept confidential. For more information, you may also visit our web-site specialised for personal bankruptcy,

Debtors who do not want bankruptcy may consider individual voluntary arrangement (IVA). The service is particularised on the website IVA.COM.HK. Debtors may seek preliminary advice over the phone or by meeting with experienced debt analysts who are skilled in structuring repayment program suitable to individual debtors.

If you want to choose a faster, simpler and cheaper way to restructure your credit cards and personal loans, you may consider whether you are suitable for Debt Relief Plan (DRP). 9DRP.COM