Legal Service and Fees on Wills Making and Succession Planning is a legal website on wills drafting, trusts and wealth planning.

The legal service aims at serving the high net worth customers requiring professional and experienced advice on financial planning, estate planning and wealth management. 

Making a will is the cheapest and simplest legal way of estate planning. The firm charges $1000 to $3000 as the Normal Fee Range on preparing wills. Charges differ on complexity of the will's content.

"We encourage Simple Wills so as to avoid potential probate pitfalls."

Basic content of a will:

  • testator
  • executor
  • beneficiaries
  • specific gift or legacies (if any)
  • shares of beneficiaries to the estate
  • liability of funeral and testamentary expenses
  • entitlement to residuary estate
  • 2 adult witnesses (not a beneficiary)